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Mauro Peruchetti
Mauro Peruchetti’s work meets at the intersection of Minimalism and Pop Art; utilising simple yet fun forms to unearth cultural issues and concerns. One of Peruchetti’s most recognisable motifs includes the resin reproduction of the sugary sweets known as ‘jelly babies. These sweets greatly resemble the human form, mimicking the shape of plump babies. Due to the jelly babies’ ambiguous appearance, defined by smooth yet identical features, it can serve as a versatile vessel.
The initial conception was a response to an ethical debate surrounding cloning, and this is evident by several artworks made by the artist. ‘Jelly Baby Cross: Cloning and Religion’ showcases the use of several jelly babies, which have been encapsulated in a cross made from urethane resin. This material, resin, is an essential aspect of Peruchetti’s practice. To create this clean and exact surface, the resin formulation has been perfected, and later patented, by the artist. Perhaps the inclusion of a cross is to highlight the religious debates surrounding cloning.
Douglas McDougall
Producing a relatively small number of large-scale drawings each year, Douglas McDougall is an artist that creates work with a deep psychological impact. Although the use of charcoal is considered traditional, McDougall’s contextual influences and process adds a contemporary feel to this medium.
After sketching out his portraits with charcoal, texture is added using objects such as scalpel blades, sharp cut erasers, and sandpaper. Portraiture is the artist’s method of encapsulating and understanding the ongoing museum of human experience, with his focus mainly being on those who exist without or despite the system. Weathered skin, wiry facial hair, and toothy grins are embodied in intense compositions that appear surreal and other-worldly.
D'Face (Dean Stockton)
Often referred to by his pseudonym, D’Face is an English street artist who is recognised for his prolific body of work. By appropriating images from popular cultural, the artist creates pieces that comment on society’s will for fame, overconsumption and materialism. There is an emphasis on famous figures, those of which are often depicted in a stylisation reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. D’Face makes this imagery his own by applying his own recurring motifs, such as wing/antlers protruding from the temples on his subjects’ face.

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An Investors Collection

Opening May 27th

An immersive and exciting exhibition will be unveiled on the 27th May titled ‘Art Vault’, ‘The Investors Collection’.

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Mark Levell