About Us

The Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery is so much more than just an art gallery. Our vision is to challenge the barriers and perceptions in our society that can sometimes prevent people with tremendous creative ability from realising their potential and getting their work seen and heard, whether it’s as a result of socio economic reasons, physical or mental health or not having the right contacts or qualifications to access available opportunities.


We provide a platform for not just established artists, but also emerging and self-taught artists, to promote and sell their work while providing support, mentoring and coaching facilities through annual programmes that are based at the gallery.

The gallery takes a grassroots approach to engaging with the community through art and wellbeing programmes, where we have a dedicated space for people to engage in a holistic experience of music, art and other creative activities, which is a powerful tool for enhancing mental health and overall wellness.

The public is welcome to visit and wander around the gallery, view, lease or buy artwork and relax and unwind in our lounge area, while ambient music plays in the background and the stresses and strains of everyday life are left outside. We have created a space that is inclusive and welcoming to inspire and encourage, not only art enthusiasts and collectors, but also those people who wouldn’t ordinarily visit a gallery.

Come and see us on your next visit to the city centre.