Amaan Jahangir is a Birmingham based artist who focuses primarily on figurative and poetic work in a contemporary fashion, which stems from the human condition and experiences we all face such as love, loss, memory and dreams.  He uses art as a form of escapism and a way to dwell on past situations as well as a beacon of hope for the near future. The idea that everything that ‘could’ve been’ is very prominent in his work and he creates worlds which are weird, wonderful and familiar; a world to get lost in for a millennium of a moment.

Amaan’s work is also based on his own personal developments whilst transitioning into adulthood.  He puts his heart into his work and it essentially displays universal and individual issues which all of humankind face.  He uses intentionally striking and bold colours as a sort of juxtaposition to start conversation.  The idea of a forever feeling, wonderful encounters, important moments and everything close to them.

The erratic nature of the work is supposed to display the most true and instant idea of passion, ecstasy, nostalgia and intensity; the idea of structured chaos which draws parallel to life and our intimate experiences; how we have an array of contradicting and coinciding feelings and how we can never really seem to find the right words to articulate them.  Amaan attempts to capture that feeling, that loss in translation from thoughts to words, that limitation.  His work is his best attempt of portraying that unspoken and vivid language.