Andreas is a 33 year old artist from Mainz, Germany, currently residing in Wednesbury, Birmingham, West Midlands.  He earned his Masters in Fine Art in 2018 from the school of Art and Design in Wolverhampton and has since created work from his private studio at home.

He initially went into university to further study painting but as he progressed further, he became open to other forms of medium and create sensory indulgent installations.

He merges science into his art to from a basis of his concept.  Throughout the years his subject matter has been about the consciousness in space. From childhood he has always been intrigued by physics, especially cosmology so he has merged both his passions together.  His work asks some perennial questions such as how does one know the world; what do the senses tell them?  The work is like a journey to discover how a subjective dimension of experience could arise from the objective processes of a brain.

He believes that the mystery of the cosmos is something reachable only in a theoretical or artistic way.  At the start of his practice he focused on the role of silence in spatial compositions.  He creates voids inside environmental spaces, moments in the viewing experience, where time and space become suspended.

Wondering how one would visualise a void or “nothingness”, his work transformed into the subject of singularity, the singularity of the multidimensional consciousness of the mind in space or the concentration of awareness in one single spot in space.  The work becomes hypnotic often losing the viewers’ focus and attention into one single point, until they get lost in a never-ending void, where nothing else exists but the viewers conscious awareness.

Andreas has exhibited work in the New Walsall Art Gallery, Eagle Works, The Vault, Besant gallery and the Light house Wolverhampton.