Anita George is a black British, female artist, born to Caribbean parents from Dominica who settled in Preston in the early 1960’s. Her life journey is represented through her art practice, from every day experiences as a young black girl growing up in Preston, during the 1970’s and 80’s, the things that inspired and motivated her to take up art and make it not just her career, but her life choice. Part of this journey touches on mental health and how she found art to be a saviour and a therapy aid in her own progression, as well as the freedom of expression it gives her and how her art practice has developed as a result.

As a teenager she was passionate about her town’s architecture, especially the Harris Museum and Gallery which was full of antiquities from all over the world. In later years she enrolled in a degree course and gained a First Class Honours Degree and Masters in Fine Art at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, and her love for art was re-born and it became a saviour in a number of ways. She found a connection with abstraction, sculpture and contemporary art and she works with bold colours and constantly looks to test her talents to their limits.
Following the last few years which have been a path of self-discovery, Anita is now producing artworks that have given her an insight into some of her inspirations and what makes her tick as an artist. Some of this covers a multitude of issues that she feels strongly about in today’s social climate, particularly under-represented groups or subjects that some people may class as “taboo” or too politically sensitive to explore in any other discipline but art. As with many of her artworks they explore a sense of “identity” and how we all fit into the bigger picture we call everyday life. Identify forms a big part of her art practice and was the main catalyst that started her whole exploration and journey into art.

Art was not just a career choice for her, but a life choice and she embraces it from within her soul.