Born and raised in the pragmatic and utilitarian city of Birmingham, Annette Gardiner’s art has given her, in all stages of her creative life, a means to challenge the monotony of the onslaught of institutionalised employment. She sees her life in colour, sound, shape, size and form. Working and experimenting with a palette of mixed media, she endeavours to create something exciting to the senses. Annette developed her design philosophy, ‘freedom of movement and fluid expression’ whilst attending the Institute of Art and Design in Bourneville Birmingham. She enjoys and revels in ‘the design process’ and the psychological effects of brilliant colour and transparent surfaces are particularly inspiring to her. She practises spontaneity conveyed through colour, texture and a cross-fertilization of mediums, man-made and natural forms.

Annette uses her own brand of counselling and therapeutic arts as a health and wellbeing tool, to aid mental health sufferers to gain and maintain their recovery.