Described by the Birmingham Mail as “the coolest place you’ve never heard of”, The Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery is an independent award-winning gallery that takes pride in presenting unique and engaging experiences to our art collecting audience.

An immersive and exciting exhibition will be unveiled on the 27th May titled ‘Art Vault’, ‘The Investors Collection’. This is the gallery’s latest exploration into high end art which includes a diverse yet eclectic mix of artwork that will be offered to new and mature art collectors looking to diversify their portfolio or just to have an interesting piece of art on their walls. This is an impressive combination of multiple art collectors’ portfolios, ranging from Street art poster pieces to those which utilise advance scientific and artistic technologies.

The gallery is also excited about the ever-growing possibilities of Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) and will include in the exhibition recent projects by audacious artists Damien Hirst and his spotted and cherry blossoms as well as Danny Cole.

A contemporary mindset is firmly at the forefront of this exhibition, which is evident from the inclusion of thought-provoking acrylic installation ‘I Know You Inside Out’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’ by Marilene Oliver who has succeeded in redefining how we view the human body using technology that brings the audience upfront and closer to almost being able to touch the soul of a person. Mauro Peruchetti’s jelly baby cross, and Alastair Mackie’s mouse-skull sphere, uses unconventional materials to create juxtapositional narratives that will spark debates.

This collection promises to offer new art collectors setting out on their journey to corporate entities, an opportunity to acquire significant and unique artworks that are rare to find and special to own. The exhibition will be a refreshing addition for the city of Birmingham and will no doubt be a talking point among its audience for a long time to come.

For more information or to schedule a special viewing please contact us.