Biniam Abraham was born and grew up in Eritrea, a small country next to Ethiopia in Africa.  He grew up being very creative and wanting only to express himself through his art, however as a young man he was drafted into the army and his life changed irrevocably.  Biniam served in various parts of his country and in 2014, following the death of his mother, he managed to escape the army and fled his homeland.

Armed with nothing but his paint brushes and paper, Biniam painted and walked his way through Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Siberia, Slovakia, Italy and France.  After 25 unsuccessful attempts to reach the UK, he was finally successful in stowing himself away on board a vessel and making his way to the UK where he was subsequently granted leave to stay on humanitarian grounds.

Biniam has experienced life changing events that have undoubtedly helped shape who he is today.  At one point he was considered one of the top 10 artists in Eritrea and he now wants to share his experiences as he uses his wide knowledge of colour psychology which he blends with his own technique of complex compositions on canvas that takes the viewers on a journey filled with different emotions.

Biniam believes art has a unique and poignant way of telling a person’s story and revealing our innermost feelings and emotions and his work is testament to both his suffering and his joy.  He wants to use his art to shine a light on the devastating choices people sometimes have to make in war torn countries in order to live in freedom, free from fear and to share his art with the world.