Born and bred in Brum, Colin Fisher’s work is evocative of his life growing up in the 1950’s in post war Britain. Colin says “Life was tough and with little food and rationing, us kids had to make do with what we could find and forage from bomb sites. We used our finds to make our own amusement… mokes from old prams and bikes…football posts from our jumpers, cricket bats from bits of wood and the stumps from a box or chalk on a wall.”

Colin’s work explores the different shades of grey in his everyday life back then, as it formed the backdrop to his environment, from the smoke bellowing out of factory chimneys, to playing on the banks of the canals across the City of Birmingham. Colin’s amazing portrayal of this atmosphere gives a nostalgic throwback that is colourful, theatrical and illustrative, and puts the City of Birmingham into an historic perspective that will bring smiles, joy and appreciation to Brum as the City that made him.

Colin’s work is pictographic with vivid colourful characters that tell stories of something that he feels we are on the brink of losing to the passage of time. With the slangs used in his titles to the rich story lines of his subjects, this exhibition will take the viewer on a journey, imagining the 50’s and how families lived and experienced life back then, the stories depicting children’s experiences in comparison to the present and the impact this had on life in the City after the Blitz. Each piece of work not only captures a story but also the aspirations of a group of friends and how their lives transformed alongside the City they call home today.

Today Colin lives a quiet life with his family and friends but is as patriotic to Brum as he was back then. He has an amazing life story to share, from being drafted into the army at the age of 18 and called up for his first duties in Cyprus after his training on a freezing cold Christmas Eve back in 1955.

Colin has a deep sympathy for his City of Brum and feels that his work sums up perfectly how the City emerged from the Blitz after the 2nd World War and how we have now become the City of innovation, diversity and entrepreneurship.

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