Fay’s love for land and sea has taken her on a rich journey through places that are full of contrasting states: wild and cultivated, arid and verdant, rugged and fragile, ever-changing and apparently constant. The raw, powerful experience of being immersed in dramatic coastal and mountainous environments and managed rural land has been a constant source of inspiration which has enabled her to draw upon the connection between the rhythms of walking, the passing of seasons and her responses to the ever-changing environment.

Exploring the coastlines around the Scottish Hebridean isles, Connemara and Mayo in the Republic of Ireland revitalises her soul and inspires further creative activity. There is a quality of light and space that facilitates the richness of contemplation and reflection on our existence. Living in the north west corner of England and its proximity to more remote locations, she is constantly intrigued by, and drawn to geological qualities of landscape and marvel at the sheer energy, abundance and diversity of life’s forces.

She attempts to convey her observations, concerns for weather events and how the impact of human activity manifests itself within the natural landscape, through painting and photography.   She finds sharply contrasting playful beauty and meaning in overlooked and haphazard arrangements of waters-edge debris enabling her to explore imagery that simultaneously celebrates and mourns the fragility of our environment. Lakeside, riverbank, coast and upland vistas lend themselves to her love for the colour and texture of vegetation and the reflective qualities of water. Erosion, through human intervention or destructive weather events are seldom far from her consciousness and she hopes to engender a collective sensibility towards ecological balance through her work.  Accentuated by fleeting sunlight and deep shade, the motifs she focuses on, speak of a complex yet unassuming aesthetic of our own inner landscapes: the power of reflection and exploration through looking and contemplation.