London based, British Caribbean artist, Jay Percy, has painted as a way of working through emotions for over 20 years. Since 2016, she has taken her artistic passion with great seriousness, beginning her career by painting portraits of those closest to her.

The metaphysical is something that has always been fascinating to Jay Percy. Through exploration of anthropology, spirituality and entheogens, Jay has sought to use her artwork to distill her learnings into a very simple message: We have all been birthed by the same ultimate mother- Nature. Respect her.

Working with acrylics on canvas, she combines her love of highly saturated colours and royal golds with African Goddess worship, psychedelic print, and fundamental belief in the right to explore one’s own consciousness and spirituality. Interspliced layers of textures and patterns add to the complexity of the story being told. In Jay Percy’s visionary art, the colours, lines and shapes purposefully compete to bring to the viewer’s mind as many questions as they remedy.