Jude Gatiss is a writer for stage and screen whose play, ‘This Train – The Rosetta Tharpe Story’, was part of the official opening of Birmingham’s Black History Month 2017.  Jude’s earlier play, ‘Rosa Parks: The Hidden Journey’, opened at the MAC in 2016 and brought to the stage, the lesser known aspects of Rosa Parks’ activism.

As a fiction filmmaker, Jude loves to create characters and stories that subvert the usual narratives framing the Black British experience.  Jude’s film, ‘Ital Reign’ was a celebration of Birmingham’s contributions to the reggae music and reflected her desires to see fairer onscreen representations of the Black British community.  

Jude’s most recent non-fiction film, ‘Black Sparta’ looks at the unsavoury tradition of human zoos and brings to life, Ella Williams, an African American woman who toured with a travelling menagerie.  The piece is an intimate conversation between Ella and ‘Madame Abomah,’ the character she adopts onstage, and explores her struggles with self-love under the white gaze.