Maggie Goleniak is a Polish born artist who currently lives and creates art in the UK. After graduating from the Fine Art Program at the University of Silesia, Poland, she decided to pursue her career as an artist abroad. For over 14 years now, she has created and fulfilled her life purpose as a professional artist. 

Maggie is an artist with a creative, surrealistic vision. She is inspired by the beauty of nature, metaphysical places, love, life and compassion.

She works in a diverse way that combines her obsession with contemporary art, painting, drawing and photography to create unique masterpieces. 

Designing pieces that touch people, Maggie makes art that becomes part of people’s everyday life, while still bringing the same feelings of wonder when seen the first time. 

Her mission is to serve people with unique art that will change their life forever. 

Maggie has had the pleasure of exhibiting her art in a Polish hall in Hammersmith, London, in 2009. More recently she took part in the Open Air Art competition in Windsor Castle, where the winning price was donated to HM the Queen collection.