Mark Levell was born in 1960 in Bristol and moved to the outskirts of Birmingham when he was 5 years old, where he has lived ever since. After studying Graphic Design at Stourbridge College of Art from 1977–1981, he worked in London for 2 years before coming back to Birmingham and in 1988 setting up his branding agency, Levells.

It is the projects and challenges of this work, that led Mark to develop his interest in exploring how stories can be told through art; where looking at an image is not all it appears at first glance. The artworks now being produced have been ideas for many years, where the capture of what you see in everyday life was stored on cameras, notes and scribbles and put away in boxes and notebooks.

Mark says, “I always like my art to tell a story, where the audience has to look into a picture to try and see what it is telling you. Some are more abstract than others in the complexity of the subject matter. At the same time I try and weave in some controversy or a statement, often using a juxtaposition to create debate”.

One of the trademarks of his art is the use of the typewriter font, in many styles, which in its own right represents storytelling. The other is that the artworks when telling a story need to be accurate, so a lot of background research and time goes into making sure the final piece is as authentic as possible. On the circles theme, which recreate a time in history, the number of circles relating to the subject matter are meticulously counted and illustrated, so they become historically accurate.

The use of media such as silk screen print and perspex, help to build depth to a piece, allowing the artwork to become almost tactile.