As a Business Mentor, Social Entrepreneur, Educator and Speaker, Michael-Don ‘Don’ commands an incredible breadth of knowledge and experience in business and life.  His career has seen him travel all over the world and engage with many cultures professionally and personally, including significant contributions in the military, corporate, SME and 3rd Sector environments.

Following his early career in the Royal Air Force where he studied and taught Electronics and Avionics, Don moved into the corporate world with Cable & Wireless as a Telecom Engineer and corporate Project Manager.

He started his first company during the ‘dot com’ boom as an independent management consultant, developing and transforming it over time, into his current award-winning education and business development company.  Don works with individuals and organisations to develop personal and business effectiveness, focusing on human communication skills and modern leadership, in a way that is specific to the client and consistently delivers outstanding results.

For details of Don’s highly regarded personal development program ‘Craft Your Signature Speech’ or to find out how he can help your business, contact him on 07788 717444 or e-mail don@mindstyle.co.uk or visit www.mindstyle.co.uk.


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