Art has always been a key fundamental element of Munir’s life, but coming from an Islamic background, it was always questioned in the context of the validity of creating art.  Munir has concluded that art is inherent within all of us in some shape or form, and this validation has made him more passionate to paint, draw and share to inspire others to connect to aspects of themselves and the outside world.

Munir graduated from Coventry University with a B.A. Hons in Fine Art and his discipline is painting portraits in a variety of mediums.  He won 3rd prize in the Coventry Bicentennial Art Exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery in 1996 and he also exhibited with the RSBA in 1996 & 1997.  Since then he has been teaching art in an academy school in Coventry for 20 years.  It is during the Pandemic that he re-discovered himself as an artist, and this was triggered by the events that unfolded due to the killing of George Floyd.  Being an educationalist, it has been his experience of seeing art in galleries that does not represent our diverse society.  In relation to this he decided to create portraits of Black iconic figures that have impacted our society, not only with their actions and achievements, but also through their words and legacy.