Birmingham Mind is the largest independent mental health charity providing services in and beyond the City of Birmingham’s boundaries. It promotes wellbeing and recovery services by providing high quality support and challenging the stigma of mental distress.

Birmingham Mind provides high quality services in a variety of settings and all services are carefully vetted by internal monitoring arrangements or external verification. We provide person centred support to enable people to be in control of their lives and provide support to over 6000 people in Birmingham.

We are by far the largest voluntary sector provider of mental health services within Birmingham and as a consequence have a vast amount of experience within the organisation. Our vision is “Better Mental Health for All” and by that people are in control of their lives and this aspiration emphasises the need to build upon peoples strengths underpinned at all times by a well-established recovery approach.

You can make a real difference by raising vital funds for Birmingham Mind and changing people’s lives for the better. This year our Board of Trustees have pledged that all monies received will be carefully applied instigate our new Advice and Information Line to benefit those in our community of Birmingham who are experiencing mental distress.

You can call this number on 0121 262 3555.

Tackling homelessness is a key part of fighting poverty in every country, every city around the world and the United Kingdom is no exception.

Our mission for HomeLess One® is to ensure that, every homeless person receives one hot meal in Birmingham from our kitchen every evening from our Digbeth centre. This can only be achieved by and with the assistance and support of the local community with donations and voluntary work. Homelessness is not just a housing issue. We at the Homeless One® are there to provide a hot meal for anyone who has fallen on hard times. We are also there to support and refer to other organisations who can provide services we cannot at this moment in time.

Reasons why people become homeless are wide and varied. Relationships can break down causing one party to have to leave the property at short notice, job losses can cause financial restrictions making it harder to pay the bills or ongoing health problems can worsen making the responsibility of running a home hard to manage.

Those who are most vulnerable within society are also more likely to be affected by homelessness. This can include those with physical or mental health problems, people on benefits or low incomes and those with complex needs.

In order to tackle the fight against homelessness, Homeless One® provides services to those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Recognize is a community based social enterprise providing a bridge to the African Caribbean community.
Our aims are:
– To promote positive diversity by educating people about the heritage and culture of the African Caribbean community.
– To provide a platform to exhibit the history of the African Caribbean communities and their involvement with the UK and The Empire throughout history.
– To act as an outreach coordinator with institutions aiming to connect with the hard-to-reach communities.
We organise and deliver cultural events which are about empowering the community and preserving our heritage and culture.

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