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Birmingham Bull I


Artist: Tanja Hassel
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Year 2019
Size 20 x 25 cm
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Birmingham Bull I is based on a sketch Tanja did of the Bullring Bull in October after her first meeting with the gallery.  It was raining and Tanja managed to take some reference pictures but really wanted to work from a proper drawing because one sees so much more that way.  She somehow managed to hold onto her umbrella, sketchbook and pencil at the same time and so the Birmingham Bull was born.  This painting started off as a panel, which was ideal for travelling and she started the painting on the train from Birmingham to London and after that worked on it on other trains, the London underground, in cafes, pubs and galleries and generally anywhere where she had at least 20 minutes of waiting time.   When it was nearly done, she attached a wooden frame to the back of the panel and then painted everything with a final layer in one go to tie it together.  Overall this painting has between 3 and 6 layers in different places.