Artist:  Tye Ford

Genre:  Pop Art

Size:  90cm x 90cm



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Tye Ford:  “I created this during all the Brexit nonsense and all the arguing over leaving the EU. It was simply a joke and a total embarrassment with the whole world giggling away. I remember several times whilst travelling in Italy, France, Germany and Amsterdam, general folk saying in conversations ‘what the hell is going on with Britain’. I just couldn’t answer and said I don’t know myself. Brexit literally split families apart, best friends, couples, even violence was used just because someone didn’t agree. So I wanted to do a piece tribute to this incredible time. And I wanted it to be something funny, colourful and getting the message across. I collected over the course of a year, old toys from charity shops, car boots and Ebay, and I wanted this piece to appeal to all ages, so I sourced old cartoon characters from Wombles, The Smurfs, Snoopy to current Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol.  I also used Action Man and Barbie in the piece and Wonder Woman can be seen winning the battle. All pieces have been carefully placed, screwed and glued to an upcycled piece of OSB board. All the characters are fighting in this piece/installation.”