Artist:  Tye Ford

Genre:  Pop art, acrylic on canvas


Size: 60cm x 60cm

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Tye Ford: “A painting on canvas using black & white acrylics and emulsion. Salvador Dali in my eyes is a complete genius, definitely one of the greats. I love his look, his moustache and wanted to capture him in a different way. I was at a conference at New Hall in Sutton Coldfield and in The Great Chamber there is a large portrait of George Sacheverell. George was imprisoned in this room and there are rumours of his spirit haunting New Hall. George was rumoured to practise black magic and his eyes follow you wherever you walk in The Great Chamber. I wanted to recreate a Spooky ‘follow my eyes’ type of picture, but abstract style. Who could I choose? Well, Mr Dali was my choice, his eyes will follow and stare at you just like George’s.”