Artist: Guilaine Arts
Technique: Acrylic on Canvas
Signature: Signed
Size: 74cm x 104cm
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“Heads up” is a journey towards self healing and self empowerment.

Black women have been historically undermined and under-appreciated. Not only are we fighting gender inequality but also racial inequality. For so long, we have suffered the stigmatisation of society and we have been mocked for our appearance, personalities, behaviour, and self-worth. This stigmatisation has caused black women to feel inferior compared to others, a feeling of inferiority that has been passed down from the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual traumas that our ancestors endured. Today the violation continues and, when combined with the crimes of the past, results in immeasurable injury. The “Heads up” series is addressing black women and is meant to serve as a reminder that, despite all the struggles they face, they are people of undeniable strength and fortitude for they are the pillars of our Afro-descendant matriarchal society. The series invites us to truly understand and accept who we are as people. It is through knowing who and what we are, that we can identify our strengths and build upon them. We need to be able to use this power to not only heal ourselves but also our families and our communities.  Once this has been achieved we can rise up and excel.