Artist:  Tye Ford


Size:  14cm x 22cm

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Tye Ford:  “I picked up this skull at a local market. I saw it and thought, you know what I’m going to do? Something different with this. It was a typical plain, gothic black skull and I thought I would jazz it up to make it more cartoony and bright. Most skull ornaments are either black and gothic looking or over the top with sequins and glitter. I really like the film ‘The Mask’ starring Jim Carrey and how the cartoony element of the film mixes it up, also like in ‘Space Jam’. So I painted the skull bright banana yellow and added black “Slash Painting” lines onto the skull. I then applied clear acrylic lacquer to give a glossy feel and finally added some ‘Googly Eyes’ just to make it cartoony, similar to Jim Carrey’s character in ‘The Mask’.”