Sweet Sins (Brooklyn Edition), 2015

Artist: Faile
Technique: 27 Colour Screen Print on Coventry Rag
Signature: Edition of 500
Size: 107.5 x 76.5 cm
Frame: Framed
Price: POA
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The street art duo comprised of Patrick McNeil and Patrick Mille, formed their Brooklyn-based multimedia collaborative in 1999. Their unique artistic practice involves a frenetic collaging of appropriated materials—graphic novels, Asian and American culture, typography—that references the work of Pop artists like Richard Hamilton or James Rosenquist.

McNeil and Miller met in high school and began collaborating at an early age. As FAILE, they covered building exteriors with pioneering techniques in wheatpasting and stenciling, citing Shepard Fairey as an influence, before expanding their repertoire to include paintings, collage, prints, and sculpture.