The Trophy



Artist:  Tye Ford


Size:  34cm x 80cm

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Tye Ford:  “This piece was created using a fibreglass mould replica of a Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens First Order’ helmet. Real Impala antelope horns have been fixed to the helmet and a smear of replica blood swiped onto the front of the piece. The Impala horns I found at an antiques store in Shrewsbury. The piece was painted using white black acrylics, and then clear acrylic lacquered. It’s been scuffed, so it looks battle damaged. The idea of this piece is the obsession of the male species, particularly hunters to have the biggest and rarest animal trophy on their wall. It is something the male species believes shows male masculinity and testosterone. I just wanted to create an art piece showing and mocking the hunting industry and what better than a Stormtrooper, and one with real horns.”