Raphael Sagage, a multi-talented and well-known Haitian artist, is making a global impact with his vibrant and colourful depiction of the world that surrounds him. Raphael’s talent is innate. From a very young age his curiosity led him to his exploration of the arts with his father’s friend who was a sculptor. He started making silhouettes using mud from the mountain. This taught him a sense of self-discipline at an early stage. At the age of 7, when he started primary school, Raphael explored freehand and mind drawing. From that time up to the age of 22 Raphael was self-taught, using the summer holidays as a child to hone his creativity.

In 1992 Raphael enrolled at ENARTS (Ecole National des Arts in Haiti) where his talent enabled him to teach while studying. At that time, he was already well known, selling his art worldwide to very well established private and corporate collectors. Having established himself as an artist in Haiti and convinced he could forge an international career from his passion for the arts, he moved to the US. It was the beginning of a new chapter in his life and work. He received several awards including “The United Nation’s Best Artist Award” and “The Best review from Christies and Sotheby’s Auction House”.

Raphael’s inspiration originates from the object of everyday life and the surrounding nature. His pictorial techniques tend towards surrealism and abstract realism. Mixing cubism with his expressionistic work, using an array of experimental techniques supported by more traditional ones, Raphael is known as the master of abstract realism. Although his work has been adapted to appeal to a more westernised audience, his attachment to his motherland can be felt via his use of vibrant colours and the emotions that are transmitted throughout. His approach is very philosophical and evolves around themes such as love, happiness, fear…