Sam Weeks is a Birmingham based artist. She spent her formative years in the boho suburb of Moseley; the influence of its vibrant, diverse community and culture is evident in her work. In 2001 Sam achieved a Fine Art BA with Honours, at Birmingham City University, and has since worked in the arts, adult education, schools, and has studied counselling, all of which has informed her art practice.

Sam says she feels a sense of freedom when making her art; some of which is purely abstract, in celebration of colour, and composition, some figurative, conjuring narratives which cannot be pinned down by words alone. Both sides of Sam’s practice are connected by her creative process of working in distinct layers of media, starting always by creating the textured ground.

This intriguing, unique work invites closer viewing and sensory exploration. Its textured surfaces break into the third dimension, gently challenging traditional ideas of how paintings should be. The recurring themes of buildings and towers in the work symbolise society, community, and explore notions of belonging.