Sue Thompson is a nurse by profession, however she has always had a strong compulsion to be an artist. She completed an Art Foundation Course at the Camberwell School of Art in 1984, an Art Therapy Postgraduate Diploma at Goldsmiths College in 1990 and more recently, a BA Hons Fine Art Degree at Oxford Brookes University in 2014.

Sue’s approach to painting can be described as intuitive, creating images by following a feeling or knowing, something that cannot be put into words. Her starting point for a painting can be an image taken on her mobile phone, such as a broken umbrella on the ground with the angular metal ribs against the soft folds of the fabric forms’ fascinating angles and curves. She works in acrylics as it allows her to work quickly between layers. The layers vary between thin washes to thick opaque ones. The use of bold colours has always featured in her work and she applies colours randomly sometimes to evoke harmony and other times to clash and fight against each other.

Her artistic influences include Philip Taafe for his use of repetitive motifs and printing techniques, Thomas Nozkowski’s referencing of colours and objects in everyday life and Alma Thomas for her focus on beauty and happiness.