Sue Verity has had a passion for art from a young age, drawing murals on her bedroom wall as a child.  She studied Fine Art at college where she developed her style of painting, creating images using shapes with strong influences from the likes of Andy Warhol and David Hockney. Sue started her art career painting murals in schools, hospitals and bedrooms to earn a living but was also experimenting with using her style of painting to create portraits. She took one of her paintings to a local gallery who asked her to create some more which become her ‘Legends’ collection and her first exhibition was a huge success.

The next stage of her career started when she painted a portrait of Robert Plant and, through some contacts arranged to meet him where he signed the painting. This was then auctioned for charity, the painting going to the winning bidder in Canada. This set Sue on a new path, painting stars from the world of sport, music and film and meeting the subjects for them to sign the painting. Subjects include the likes of Mike Tyson, Johnny Depp, Liam Gallagher, Gareth Bale and Wayne Rooney. Sue readily admits this is a fantastic perk of her job!

Over the years Sue’s art career has gone from strength to strength and her paintings have been sold far and wide to customers around the world. She has held several high profile exhibitions and been in many media stories as her work continues to grow in recognition.

Her more recent work includes a collection of portraits depicting characters from the BBC’s Peaky Blinders series and one of her paintings of the character Arthur, was part of a collection of 16 that won the 2019 BBC Peaky Fan Art competition which they used as part of their marketing campaign for Series 5. The image of this was shown on billboards across the UK.