Tanja Hassel is a German born artist whose Mosaic Paintings are vibrant artworks of joy that anchor happiness in your home and thus allow you to invest in your wellbeing through art. The first Mosaic Painting was created and sold in 2009 and since then 45 paintings have found new homes in 9 countries across 4 continents. That’s half the Mosaic Paintings ever created!

Tanja’s favourite subject to paint is Happiness, because that is what she wants to bring into the world.  She uses animals or the human figure to paint bright, joyful pictures that bring happiness to those who look at them.  She loves positioning animals in scenes of friendship and they are pretty much always smiling.  She even managed to sneak a smile into a starfish painting!

Tanja started painting to bring happiness into her own home, while living far away from her family in a typical London flat share with strangers. Right from the start Tanja was drawn to vibrant colour and strong shapes.

In late 2009 Tanja met master painter Rosa Branson MBE who started teaching her classical oil painting in her North London studio. This journey took Tanja away from her Mosaic Paintings and towards a more traditional way of painting.  On that route, Tanja studied classical drawing at London Atelier of Representational Art, copied old master paintings in the National Gallery and the Kunstpalast (Germany) and took part in various group exhibitions where she showed her still life, flower and animal paintings in oil.

In 2012 the Mosaic Paintings reappeared and their popularity made it possible for Tanja to become a full-time painter that same year.  Online promotions, group and solo exhibitions followed; the Mosaic Paintings gained traction.  In 2017 Tanja decided to say goodbye to oil painting and classical studies and to fully concentrate on Mosaic Paintings. They make her happy and that is what she wants to bring into the world, happiness through her art; her Happiness Anchors.