Art Therapy Post Covid-19 Support Group
This is an art therapy support group for adults feeling challenged due to the impact of Covid-19.

If you are an adult experiencing trauma, isolation, bereavement, loss of work and identity, grief, detachment from family or partners, or are feeling overwhelmed, lonely, struggling with life’s daily routines or just need some extra help as you make the transition back to work in September, then the creative outlet and support of Art Therapy Online can help you with your emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Art Therapy is a powerful tool. Art making in itself is a naturally healing and containing activity. Put that together with therapy and we find ourselves in a positive creative space. Art therapy can help to overcome the secondary trauma or anxiety caused by the adjustments and losses we have all, including the therapist, experienced during this pandemic. In these sessions we will come together, non-judgementally to engage in activities to build coping skills and resilience, work mindfully and creatively to minimise anxiety and trauma, maintain and develop social relations, improve relaxation and create our own virtual community and support pod for the duration of the 6 week group.

No previous art skills are required. There is no right or wrong way to make art in art therapy and everyone over 18 is welcome.

Art Therapists will usually supply a wide range of art materials, from paints to clay, paper, wire, chalks or charcoal for instance. However, to work online, we can adapt and use whatever is to hand or whatever you feel comfortable using in your designated creative space. That space might be on your knee on the sofa, on the landing, in the spare room or at the kitchen table. Inside or outside, as long as it works for you, that’s what matters. The therapist will be happy to advise you on what materials to purchase if you wish to do that.

To make the best use of art therapy, to enable positive support, attendance at all 6 sessions is recommended. If you miss the first session, you will be unable to join in with the other sessions. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout and normal safeguarding guidelines will apply.
We will work via Zoom and the minimum technical requirement is access to a laptop or PC and a mobile phone that can use the Zoom app. If anyone has not used Zoom, please don’t be put off, the therapist will be happy to provide information and help you prepare for the commencement of the group.

About the Therapist:
The group is led by Julie Buxton. Julie is an Art Therapist with 28 years’ experience of working with individuals/groups, running workshops/training courses for the public and supervision sessions, locally and internationally. She is HCPC Registered Art Therapist and BAAT Approved Supervisor. She also has an MA in Creative Writing, has recently completed a Covid-19 Psychological First Aid course, a certificate in Bereavement Therapy and is training to become a Mindfulness Teacher. She lives and works in Birmingham.

For prices and further information on our upcoming workshops please contact the gallery on 0121 769 0966 or email