Wioletta was born in Poland and now lives and works in Birmingham. Throughout her work she shares dreams, imagination and visions, as well as having an imaginative and spiritual approach in art.

Wioletta studied at Coventry University and graduated with a degree in Fine Art. She currently works as an art, design and science technician in a private school.

Her first solo exhibition was in 2004 in Wroclaw, her hometown and since then, she has held several exhibitions.

She has collaborated with artists abroad and hosted VOIDS Exhibition at USEGO in Sierre, Switzerland and her artwork was on the front cover of Riggwelter online magazine, issue 16 in December 2018.

She has received awards in:

  • FAPA / Fine Art Photography Awards – Honorable Mention / Portrait / 2015
  • LICC -London International Creative Competition- Honorable Mentions/Painting/ 2009
  • Summer Exhibition/ Royal Academy of Arts in London/ Shortlisted/ 2007

Wioletta continues an emotional diary trying to speak the language of signs, allegories, symbols, and myths; using the figurative character of both humans and animals to express fascination, connection with corporeality and expression, (inspired by Greek mythology and symbolism); combining them with their own reality and fantasy to open up a new and interesting field of interaction with the viewer.

She continues expanding and experimenting with various techniques and takes her art to higher levels of consciousness.