ZaNubian’s music has been directly inspired by her soul, roots and culture.  Her father was born In Aswan, Egypt to a community called ‘The Nubian Egyptians’ i.e. The Black Egyptians and her mother was born in St Catherine, Jamaica.  Her parents named her ‘Zainab’, therefore in combination with her Nubian lineage she created ‘ZaNubian’.

ZaNubian naturally is aligned to the vibration of reggae and she has written a portfolio of songs inspired by her own life/soul journey, creating opportunities to collaborate with influential reggae producers.  Her first single was released in May 2020 called “Cut Loose” (Maskaram and Ital Power Production) and her latest single was released in September 2020 called “Ancient Kemetic Chant” (Royal Sounds Production).  Both are available on all digital platforms.