A digital artist who, on the back of the new concept of NFTs, has dived into the exploration and discovery of an amazing concept that is evolving every day.  Zaza loses herself in the exploiting the possibilities within this cutting edge technology. At present she is working with layers.  It’s an amazing feeling to work ‘directly’ manipulating old masters as well as new fashion masters and mistresses and, to be able to work with the most primitive works to the most modern, is a real pleasure. These present works are multi-layered using techniques of digital colouring and erasure.  Time and presence, dreamland and reality, hopes and failures are all themes of her digital work. As a painter she worked with colour and scale and again with presence and absence, from a small drawing to a large canvas print-out. She likes to see her work on acrylic glass because it is then the same as an image viewed on a screen.